Pomegranate Infused White Chocolate Truffles

As featured in blog post #5: White Chocolate Wonderland.



Pomegranate Infused White Chocolate Truffles



  • 2 cups Pom Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice
  • 16 oz. white chocolate chips, for ganache
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 16 oz. dark chocolate chips, for coating
  • 16 oz. white chocolate chips, for coating
  • red and blue food coloring


Reduce the pomegranate juice in a small saucepan until roughly 1/2 cup remains (the thicker you can get it the better).  Meanwhile, heat heavy cream in another saucepan until simmering.  Pour heavy cream over a medium sized bowl of 16 oz. white chocolate chips, stir briefly, and let sit covered for about 5 minutes.  This lets the chocolate melt without breaking.  Stir chocolate well and add in reduced pomegranate juice and butter.  Stir until combined and add food coloring (if desired) to produce a nice shade of purple.  I would recommend going easy on the coloring though, or the filling wont look as natural.  Pour the ganache into a 9×9 pan and freeze until well set.

Once firm, hand roll ganache into truffle sized balls.  Place on a wax-paper lined cookie sheet.  Melt dark chocolate in a double boiler and set beside ganache.  Dip balls into the chocolate with two forks, quickly coating so the ganache doesn’t melt.  Shake off excess chocolate and lay truffle back on the waxed paper.  Repeat with as many as desired, then melt the white chocolate over a double boiler.  Repeat the dipping with the white chocolate until all balls are coated.  Once the truffles have hardened add red and blue dye to the remaining white chocolate.  Reheat purple chocolate until runny, then drizzle over hardened truffles to garnish.  Voila!


Want to print this for all your besties? Of course you do! Click the link for an easy to print one-page pdf file:  Pomegranate Infused White Chocolate Truffles


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