Food Haikus: Foodku #1

Happy New Year mother fuckers!



I have missed you dearly/missed watching my stats rise (#honesty).  “The Aroma of Rosemary” is being penned as we speak, but I’ve decided on a new way to keep you entertained between posts.  I will start writing mini-product reviews, restaurant reviews, and food for thought posts to add some variety to my format.  Hopefully these smaller portions fit into your electronic days a little better.  Think of them as technological tapas.  I NEED TO TRADEMARK THAT.

A mainstay of these tech-tapas will be some beautiful/outlandish food poems.  A dear friend suggested that my wisdom and zen-ness is well suited to haikus.  Well, here goes nothing!


Foodku #1

My first food haiku

I dedicate to coffee

Was that poetic?



Bon App Y’all


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