Foodku #2

My family doesn’t believe in microwaved popcorn.  When movie time rolled around “The Beast” would inevitably appear and roar to life.  This hunk of metal is a hot oil popper from the 1970’s that, according to Poppa Pilgram, has started two apartment fires.  Fantastic.  No kernels would do except Orville Redenbacher, and I always preferred real butter.  I have inherited/stolen “The Beast” and his equally dated white metal bowl to carry on the popping tradition.  As a rule I leave behind a small amount for the morning after and place this conveniently near my pillow.  The result?  A slightly staling, salty, oily, wake-up surprise only an arms reach from my nesting place.  Awesome.  Can anyone guess what I had for breakfast this morning?


Foodku #2

Fluffy popcorn clouds

Butter sweet, salt iodized

Kernels stick to teeth


Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 9.56.58 AM
Beauty and “The Beast.” And yes, this is from my instagram account. #followme #likemypics #tellyourfriends

4 thoughts on “Foodku #2

    1. I have instated a “watched popcorn never lights the house on fire” rule, so hopefully I can avoid a visit from the fire department. Glad to know there are other popcorn connoisseurs left in this world!

  1. I won’t use anything but my Whirly Pop stovetop popper. Microwave popcorn is a steaming bag of toxic fumes and synthetic flavorings, all coated in nasty industrial lubricants. But you knew I’d say that. I love the whirly pop so much I have one at each house.

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