Foodku #3

Foodku #3

Hey, asparagus

This morning my pee smelled weird

Tricky green bastard


So. I made a paper-thin omelette for dinner last night filled with balsamic asparagus and parmesan.  YUM.  But of course, upon awakening this morning, I was greeted with THAT SMELL.  So off to the interweb machine I ran to solve this piss mystery (#pisstery). Unbeknownst to me I had stumbled into a pisspot of controversy.  Among the muck I found a website run by John H. McDonald at the University of Delaware (“We’re in…. Delaware”).  This rocking, genetic myth-busting site studies to primary source research, interprets it, and gives cautious semi-conclusions.  Of course John had written a beautiful piece on asparagus pee smell.  It turns out there is a genetic component influencing whether your body produces the smelly sulfur compounds during digestion, and a second genetic component that influences your ability to smell the compounds.  LUCKY ME, I fall in the smell producer/smell smeller category.  Oh the joy.  I highly recommend checking out his site for myth-busting fun.  Until then, enjoy that asparagus and, as always, Bon App Y’all.


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