Foodku #5

You know how sometimes you get excruciatingly bored in class?  Try as you may, the thermobacteriology graphs of log reductions for calculating d-value and z-values are not capturing your interest.  Food engineering lectures on a Friday afternoon call for a little stimulation, and I am what they call a “boredom eater.”  Cue me, rummaging in my backpack for sustenance.  Ohhhhh.  Oh no.  Shit.  I only have one foodstuff left in my “snack pocket” and my mouth is begging for oral stimulation (heyyy-ooohhh).  Sorry fellow students, but like, I’m bored and hungry and desperate.   And desperate times call for throwing classroom courtesy to the wind.  Let’s peel this bitch and EAT.  Bon app y’all.


Foodku #5

Darling clementine

Sweet fragrance wafts once disrobed

Classmates loath and glare


Stock photo of a clementine. If you expect more from me on a Saturday then you obviously don’t know how I roll.

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