Foodku #6

Happy Birthday to that creepy, pale, mother fucking genius Edgar Allan Poe.  Thanks for the laughs, the tears, the poems, and the nightmares.  This foodku is for you. #nevermore #poemaboutapoet #poetryinception #imclassyhuh?

Photo cred to @buriedalivebycorn over at instagram. Thanks boo.


Foodku #6

New England native

Macabre poet Poe’s birthday

Bet he liked chowdah


And for some kind of random non food related fun, a few videos!

What better way to celebrate Edgar Allan Poe’s 205th birthday than by listening to Darth Vader read “The Raven?”


And for all my classic rock fans (#hidad), here is a new Stevie Nicks song “Annabel Lee.”  She basically just puts the lines of Poe’s poem to song.  It’s beautiful.



Bon app y’all.


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