Foodku #7

Foodku #7

Grilled cheese with bacon

Salty, smokey, melty, crunch

Fucking favorite lunch


Did that amazing haiku get you hungry? For a twist on the classic grilled cheese check out my Apple-Cheddar Grilled Cheese Au Poivre from blog post #3: Black Pepper, The King of Spice.  This sandwich is one of my favorite blog creations, with fresh juicy apple slices, sharp melted cheddar, raw red onion, and spicy black peppercorns coating thick crusty bread.  Plus it looks REALLY fucking cool.  Bon app y’all. (#shamelessselfpromotion #UnitedTastesofEricaFTW)


THAT. Look at THAT. Make it and eat it and tell me how great I am. Photo cred to me.




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