‘Shine On’ You Crazy Diamond


It has happened.  After years (read:5 months) of toil and struggle I have finally been recognized as one of the greatest minds of the 21st century.  I knew fame would come eventually, but I expected to be on Food Network by now.  “Erica, what are you talking about? what is going on?”  Oh, havent you heard?  The story hasn’t broken on Yahoo News yet but I have been nominated for something called the ‘Shine On’ award.  It’s like a chain letter thing, but for bloggers.  I get to put a fun picture of Sailor Moon on my blog.  Idk.  I’m new to such public accolades.  As far as I can tell no one actually ‘wins’ the award, but it’s a nice way to recognize fellow bloggers great work in the world wide “please read what I have to say” web.

If you get nominated for an award you get to put a little graphic thing on your blog. WOOOOOO!!! LOOK AT IT!!! LOOK AT MY VICTORY!!! Yeah, you gaze out over that windy, starlit city girl. Suck it.


So, a big shout out to Amanda over at Night Owl Kitchen for the nomination!  I forgot to write an acceptance speech because being unprepared seemed to go over well at this year’s Golden Globes.  But wooooo I’m honored.  There are some rules to this thing, which are as follows:

‘Shine On’ Award rules:

  1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.  (check)
  2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back.  (check)
  3. Share seven random, interesting things about yourself.  (oooohhhhh okay fun)
  4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the ‘Shine On’ Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.  (this is the chain letter aspect. got it.)


So who is ready for some random facts?  I know I sure am.  But to keep it interesting lets do 6 facts and one complete lie.  Who can spot the bullshit?

  • My defining theatrical stage role was that of Mrs. Potts in my high school’s production of The Beauty and The Beast.  Cup o’ tea anyone?
  • I have two different colored eyes: one is hazel with a ring of green, the other is deep, chocolate, soul-sucking brown (I call it my “dark eye”)
  • My favorite band is The White Stripes, but I haven’t been able to commit to The Raconteurs or The Dead Weather.
  • I spent three months abroad in 2012 as a student researcher at L’Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France.  #bonjour #childrenssensoryresearch #mysummerjobwascoolerthanyours
  • The first book I ever read by myself was Dr. Suess’s Green Eggs and Ham.  Funny how things influence you long term huh?
  • I broke a three generation long line of Dr. Pilgrams by opting to go to culinary school instead of medical school.  Guess I traded one white coat in for another.
  • My favorite food is probably plain vanilla ice cream (I hate inclusions) or plain cheese pizza.  Boring or classic?


Great.  Now it seems I must nominate OTHER bloggers for this award?  I don’t like that, because it shifts the focus away from me and towards my competitors.  Le sigh.  But here are some food blogs that I fucking love.  The new nominees for the ‘Shine Award’ are…

  • Little Suzy over at Galley Kitchen!  Her dedication to grilled cheese in the month of April (National Grilled Cheese month) was truly inspiring and nom-able.  Get it girl.
  • Maisa over at Nothing Found.  She is cute, has a cat, has a clever blog name, and cooks food that I would cook.  It’s like looking in a mirror.  Hey girl.  Call me.
  • Eveline over at Fashion, Food, and Flirts.  I have been following this blog for quite some time and am amazed at the sheer frequency of quality posting.  Her style in and out of the kitchen is definitely award worthy.
  • Cori over at Cori Wong, Ph.D.  Okay, so this isn’t a food blog, but exceptions can be made, especially for girls I had crushes on.  I’ve known Cori for years and deeply appreciate her personal brand of philosophy.  Plus, she used to cut my hair in her kitchen.  That is kind of food related right?
  • Catherine over at Catherine Cuisine.  Bonjour!  Gorgeous photos, inspiring recipes, and bilingual posts to keep me brushed up on my French.  Bon app indeed.
  • Schenley over at Walking Inland.  This is another non-food blog, but I find it to be required reading.  Anyone with loved ones on the autism spectrum or a general interest in Asperger’s needs to check this out. 


Well, that about does it for my first ever blog award post.  I hope to win more shit in the future.  I love winning shit.  Until then, keep reading and Bon app y’all.


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