Foodku #9

Today I had to sit through two painfully slow but surprisingly entertaining hours of presentations in my Food Engineering Unit Operations course.  Each lab group trolled grocery stores for the hot new trends in the Food Industry, chose an item to present, and wowed us with their knowledge.  If i hear about gluten-free or chia seeds or vegan bullshit one more time today…. ahem.  Needless to say I had time to kill and wrote a series of foodkus entitled “New Product Development Poetry:  Beautiful Writings Inspired by Bullshit and Boredom.”  The first installment of our NPDP:BWIBB series is an ode to that craveable, masterful, artery-cloggable dessert, cookie butter.

Thanks to Linda at Insist on Awesome for the pic 🙂


Foodku #9

Speculoos butter

Ground up Belgian cookie spread

Ate whole jar. #YOLO*


*Any #yolo or derivation thereof used in this blog is meant to be taken ironically and with irony only.  The writer of United Tastes of Erica does not condone the use and/or message behind said “yolo.”  Those who do support this hashtag and accompanying lifestyle need to seriously reevaluate their existence. #seriously.


What are you waiting for?  Grab a spoon, drive to Trader Joe’s, and Bon app y’all (#yolo).


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