Foodku #11

Okay.  Okay people.  Can someone please tell me when it became trendy to eat chia seeds?  They are everywhere – in bars, in cereal, in puddings, in smoothies.  I know, I get it, they have omega-3 fatty acids.  Woo.  But am I the only one who remembers CHIA PETS?  Ahhh those sweet, lovable, afro sporting companions of my youth.  So what happens to our beloved chia pets when all the chia seeds are being used as, as what… FOOD?  For human HEALTH?  Unacceptable.  Every time you consume a chia seed some chia pet out there loses his soul (read: fake plant hair).  How can you live with that?  How can you sleep at night?  WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?!?

With this in mind i give you number three of my NPDP:BWIBB series (New Product Development Poetry:  Beautiful Writings Inspired by Bullshit and Boredom).  It’s a dark day in history.


Foodku #11

Tiny seed health fad

Omega-3s at what cost?

Chia pet MURDER


Photo used courtesy of
Also, why does this dog’s face look like Darth Vader? Where they trying to warn us about the oncoming slaughter? #conspiracytheory



Bon app y’all, if your guilt doesn’t kill you first.


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