Foodku #12

Today’s Saturday afternoon foodku is dedicated to one of my favorite episodes of “Let’s Get Real.”  Chef Erica Wides’ Heritage Network Radio podcast takes a humorous look at food industry trends that are pushing us further down the foodieness rabbit hole.  Her enlightening expose on greek yogurt had me in tears, and the red velvet cake line is oft repeated among my circle of friends (read: my mom and my lady friend).  Her opening rant focuses on the Greek financial crisis of 2012.  Genius, as always.  To honor her here is the 4th poem of the NPDP:BWIBB series (New Product Development Poetry:  Beautiful Writings Inspired by Bullshit and Boredom).  Bon app y’all.


Foodku #12

Greek conspiracy

Claim financial crisis, sell

millions in yogurt


greek 2
I don’t know who this @TrolleyCat thinks she is but she spells her name wrong. #C>K #IspellitlikeAmERICA #obviouslysuperior


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