Foodku #13

I’m getting bored with my NPDP:BWIBB series (New Product Development Poetry:  Beautiful Writings Inspired by Bullshit and Boredom), so this is the final installment.  I dedicate this piece to the “Coconut Oil in ALL THE THINGS” trend that has swept the nation.  They now make sprayable coconut oil in a can.  Because you know, that 1/3 second spray REALLY makes a nutritional impact.  #idiots.



Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 1.42.25 PM
Honestly do I need to caption this? If a cat in a suit reading the newspaper doesn’t get you then there is nothing left for me to do. You are obviously a robot. (Tell your robot friends to read my blog #robotfamewhore)


Foodku #13

Coconut oil PAM

Latest idiotic trend

I hate America*


*disclaimer: Erica could never ACTUALLY hate America because her name is within America and to hate America would be confusing because she could misread it and think she hates herself, which would never ever happen since Erica is so awesome and amazing.  She even has american flag pants to prove her patriotism.  USA all the way.

america pants 3
Evidence of said patriotism. SUCK IT NOTRE DAME. #america


Bon app y’all.


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