Foodku #14

Last night while reading The Fellowship of the Ring I was overcome with a craving for salty/crunchy.  My inner hobbit demanded second dinner, so I hit the cabinet for some Cracked Black Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits (paired with Cabot’s seriously sharp white cheddar cheese).  These wonders of foodiness seriously blow my mind – have you ever really LOOKED at Triscuits?  How in the hell do they get wheat into those strands, then stack and criss-cross them?  #MIRACLES.  This one goes out to ma favorite overly processed snack cracker ❤


Foodku #14

Triscuit miracles

Woven on the loom of gods

Golden gifts to man


Of course I couldn’t just APPRECIATE the wonder of Triscuits.  I had to go looking shit up like I always do.

“To make Triscuits today, the wheat is first cooked in water until its moisture content reaches about 50%. It is then tempered, allowing moisture to diffuse evenly into the grain. The grain then passes through a set of rollers with grooves in one side, yielding a web of shredded wheat strands.

Many webs are stacked together, and this moist stack of strands is crimped at regular intervals to produce individual pieces of cereal with the strands attached at each end. These then go into an oven, where they are baked until their moisture content is reduced to five percent.”


Thanks internet for ruining the magic.  Assholes.  Bon app y’all.

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 1.29.27 PM


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