Foodku #19

I dedicate this overly erotic foodku to my free pizza lunch, which is among the many thrills of thrifty college kid-dom.  I don’t always eat pizza for lunch, but when I do, I never blot.  I want my face full of dat pizza grease.  Hell, I even drown my already greasy slice into a container of artificially flavored garlic dipping grease just so I have more grease.  Just no one tell my BFF Chef Erica Wides.  She would be disappointed in me.  Because it’s not local artisanal organic or a New York City slice.  Its fucking Papa John’s.  #ashamed #shamedoesntcurbhunger #passtheartificiallyflavoredgarlicdippinggrease


Foodku #19

Grease pools, surface slick

Dive into her oily depths

Juices run down chin


greasy pizza 3
I wanna put that all up in and around ma mouth. DAAAAMMMNNNN.


Check out the Food Network’s “50 States of Pizza” if you are bored or looking to procrastinate.  PA got represented pretty well in my opinion…. #teaser #clickhereforlink.  Bon app y’all


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