Foodku #23

So, I went out to dinnah last night with my parents and two other lovely couples.  We were treated to a whirlwind, nine course extravaganza at the location of the old Hummingbird Room restaurant in Penns Valley.  The chef Eric and his wife Claudia put on a gastronomic display sure to be remembered and held in our hearts.  The final course was a duo of heart shaped, freshly fried, homemade jam filled donuts.  These were served with a bittersweet chocolate sauce and a caramel sauce.  THIS. CARAMEL. SAUCE. CHANGED. US.  It did things to our minds, hearts, and bodies.  We actually were scraping it out of the mini pitchers for just one more spoonful.  I am about to go downstairs to make a batch for breakfast/lunch.  #nutritionmajor #noshame #sorrynotsorry.  This foodku goes out to Eric, Claudia, and the back table barnyard bunch.  Bon app y’all.


Foodku #23

Mainlining caramel

Because sometimes it’s that good

Golden sugar veins


photo cred to Cate at Cate’s World Kitchen

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