Foodku #24

I’m writing about caramel again.  I’m not even apologizing. #obsessed #idowhatiwant. Bon app y’all.


Foodku #24

Spoon it on, dripping

Thick, warm streams onto bare skin

Caramel body shots


photo credit to ME. I took that picture. After I made that caramel sauce. And ate that sauce for breakfast again today. Suck it.

4 thoughts on “Foodku #24

      1. They sell, what we use to call as kids, Jesus wafers. It’s basically what they use in catholic masses as the bread of Christ. They sell them unblessed, of course, we would dip them in the leche cemada… Taste so good… Or in empanadas. You are not alone in your caramel crush! 🙂

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